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New ReleaseKabrew Launches Royal Stout at GS Convenience Stores..

5 Feb 2024
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Deep, rich flavors from Malt

Kabrew Launches Royal Stout at GS25 Convenience Stores

- Imperial Stout brewed with 9 different malts

- Product name and packaging reflect an antique and ornate mood

KABREW Royal Stout (Image source: KABREW)

Kabrew releases Royal Stout, an imperial stout made with nine malts. Kabrew's ROYAL STOUT is an Imperial Stout that emphasizes the hop and malt character of one of the classic British beer styles, Stout. Its sweetness and high alcohol content give it a luxurious flavor. Kabrew's Royal Stout is a classic imperial stout brewed with nine premium malts, with rich flavors of carefully selected malts, coffee and chocolate notes from black malts, and a pleasant body with a smooth, clean finish. It's 8% ABV. While imperial stouts are higher in alcohol than most beers, Kabrew has created an imperial stout that has a robust malt flavor, a subtle hop balance, and a smooth, clean mouthfeel. The beer's deep black color with a hint of brown is a visual reminder of the deep flavor of Kabrew's Royal Stout.

 "As a first-generation craft beer company in Korea, we planned the launch of Royal Stout so that domestic consumers can enjoy various types of beer more familiarly," said Kabrew. "In particular, unlike other imperial stouts that add flavors and additional ingredients to showcase the rich taste of traditional imperial stout, we focused on developing the recipe to achieve the traditional taste by using only nine 100% all-malt ingredients without any gimmicks." In addition, Kabrew's packaging is inspired by the "imperial stout" style of beer favored by the old Russian imperial court. The antique and ornate mood of the imperial image was brought to life with crowns and patterns, and the product was named "Royal," meaning imperial and royal.

Kabrew's Royal Stout is available at GS25 convenience stores nationwide and is priced at KRW 4,500 per can. It is also available for purchase at GS25 convenience store beer events for KRW 9,000 for three cans.

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