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ANDONG Brewing Company

24 Jan 2024
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Andong Brewing Company is a craft beer brewery located in Andong that uses local ingredients to create supurb beer. Andong Brewing company was established in 2016 to brew interesting craft beer with a wider variety of ingredients beyond market dominant uniform lager beer. Andong, which has a strong image of making traditional liquor was a perfect place to start brewing.

Panthera is an imperial coffee stout with coffee beans roasted at 396 coffee, inspired by “Café Pieno” made with a wallop of espresso, cream and sprinkled with cacao powder. Save Luck is Rustic Gose brewed with local sticky rice, Seok-jang from our neighbor ‘Manpo-nongsan’, and unique local Korean Mint ‘Bang-A’ leaf. And Pils Verde, which was inspired by Pilsner in Italy, where it was first dry-hopped.

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Addr. (07290) 2F, 2, Dorim-ro 139-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea