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Supporting the fostering and development of the Korean craft beer industry

Since its establishment, the Korea Craft Brewers Association has been providing its members with early insights into government policies and policy directions. Based on this, we devise joint response plans for the craft beer industry and make recommendations to the government, and we continuously analyze alcohol-related laws and regulations that are being implemented or revised by the government and help each member company understand the exact contents of these laws and regulations.

In addition, we continue to support the industry to rationalize its management and secure adequate profit margins, and seek rational ways to increase the demand for craft beer.

Initiatives to Revise Liquor Related Laws

Since its predecessor, the Korea Microbrewery Association, the Korea Craft Brewers Association has made continuous efforts to revise the taxation method of liquor tax and revise matters related to external distribution. As a result of our efforts, external distribution of craft beer has been permitted, and the taxation method of liquor tax has been changed from ad valorem tax system to specific tax system, benefiting many craft beer companies.

Currently, the Korea Craft Brewers Association is continuously coordinating with government agencies for the revision of liquor-related laws and regulations that have not yet been resolved. We are doing our best to ensure that the relevant laws and regulations are revised, such as the facility standards for beer manufacturing licenses and the adjustment of the liquor tax reduction rate, so that many craft beer companies can benefit.

Joint purchase of malt/ingredients, etc.

In the case of small breweries, malt is used at a relatively high cost due to the small amount

 of units purchased. As a result, they are facing difficulties such as decreased price competitiveness, so the association is promoting joint purchases of malt and other beer ingredients to help secure price competitiveness. In addition, we are preparing to import other raw materials and related items such as hops, kegs, equipment, cans, and bottles based on the opinions of our members.

Promoting joint association events and sharing information on events/festivals 

With the aim of promoting craft beer to consumers and expanding its base, the KCBA organizes events and shares information on various events and festivals with consumers and member companies. In addition, we encourage our members to participate in festivals and events on an ongoing basis so that craft beer can become more familiar to consumers.

Compiling and sharing statistics on the craft beer industry

Until now, statistical data related to the beer market has been dominated by macro-level data related to the overall market status. In response, the Korea Craft Brewers Association is collecting, compiling, and managing detailed statistics related to the craft beer industry, as well as macro-level data, in order to secure statistical data that can better explain the craft beer market and share it with member companies.

Safety management training, seminars, and technology standardization work

We are preparing to share information on safety management training and seminars on various technologies conducted by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and are working on standardizing various technologies for craft beer production.

Promoting the development of human resources across the craft beer industry and establishing a qualification and verification system for human resources

To foster talent across the craft beer industry, we are working with various educational institutions to establish relevant qualifications, establish a certification and verification system for qualifications, and create a talent pool that can utilize talent to contribute to the development of the industry.

Beer Specialist Training and Qualification Certification Business

With the continuous growth of the craft beer industry, continuous cultivation of beer professionals is necessary to provide quality beer to consumers. The Association is preparing training programs to foster specialized personnel, and is also preparing a qualification certification business to ensure the qualifications of these personnel.

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